Overview of EAHIL

The Aims and Objectives of EAHIL are to: 

  • Improve co-operation amongst health care libraries throughout Europe
  • Strenghten links with medical and health libraries in Eastern and Central Europe
  • Raise standards of provision and practice in health care and medical research libraries
  • Keep health librarians and information officers professionally informed
  • Encourage mobility and continuing education, especially in regard to new technologies
  • Represent health librarians at European level, in particular at European institutions and at WHO

EAHIL has an Executive Board consisting of the President, the Past President, the Vice President, the Treasurer, the Honorary Secretary, two other members, and a maxiumum of two co-opted members. The Council includes Board Members and representatives of members from different countries. Elections are held by electronic ballot every two years. Protocols and Statutes are found here. Much of the Associations’s work is done by task forces and working groups. Issues of special interests concern Continuing Education, Membership & Fund raising, Publications and work in different Special Interests Groups. The Editorial Board, lead by the Editor-in-Chief, is in charge of the Journal of EAHIL.

Formal Documentation of EAHIL


  • According to its statutes, EAHIL brings together Full (voting) Members from the Member States of the Council of Europe, and Associate (non voting) Members from other countries.
  • Commercial companies, whose interests coincide with those of the Association, are supporting EAHIL activities as Affiliated Members.

Members by country (June 2017)

Austria 8
Belarius 2
Belgium 4
Bosnia 5
Bulgaria 3
Croazia 10
Cyprus 3
Czech Republic 19
Denmark 31
Estonia 10
Finland 51
France 24
Germany 45
Greece 6
Hungary 18
Iceland 7
Ireland 61
Italy 96
Latvia 12
Lithuania 26
Macedonia 2
Moldova 29
Netherlands 78
Norway 75
Poland 21
Portugal 34
Romania 13
Russia 11
Serbia 3
Slovakia 2
Slovenia 10
Spain 113
Sweden 98
Switzerland 44
Turkey 16
Ukraine  1
UK  233
Total  1224 (Council of Europe countries)
Total approx. 1700 (From 64 countries)

Sister organisations of EAHIL

Sister organisations' representatives in Dublin June 2017