EAHIL Council elections – nomination of candidates

By Marshall Dozier | Published: 2016-10-19

We are seeking nominations for EAHIL members to serve as Councillors for 2017-2020.

The EAHIL Council forms an advisory group for the EAHIL Executive Board and acts as a link – in both directions – between the Board and members in the Councillors’ countries.  As such it offers an excellent opportunity for EAHIL members seeking to become more involved in the Association’s work and to broaden their professional experience.  The Council meets once a year at the annual EAHIL summer meeting and communicates at other times via email and other media.

This year EAHIL Council elections take place for national Councillors to serve through 2017-2020.  Each member state of the Council of Europe is entitled to elect Councillors, provided that there are at least five voting members based in that country.

  • fewer than 5 voting members = 0 councillors
  • 5-29 voting members = 1 councillor
  • 30-54 voting members = 2 councillors
  • 55 and over = 3 councillors

Councillors who have already served one four-year term are eligible for re-election; Councillors who have served two terms are not eligible to stand again.   Please note that Councillors are expected to have suitable financial backing available to support their participation in Council activities (see EAHIL Policy Statement No. 1: Travel Expenses).

Three papers are available to guide you.  Paper A is a list of current EAHIL membership numbers in Council of Europe states, showing the number of Council places to which each country is entitled.  Paper B lists the current EAHIL Council membership and shows which countries have vacancies for which an election is required in 2016 (those for which no election is due are shaded in grey).  Paper C, which was attached to an email sent to all members within the Council of Europe, is a list of all current EAHIL members to facilitate nomination decisions.

Next steps:

  1. Please look at Paper B.  If no Council election is required in your country, no further action is required on your part.  If a Council election IS due in your country, read on…
  2. Please consider either putting yourself forward as a candidate for election as a Councillor, or encouraging a colleague in your country who is also an EAHIL member to stand and be nominated by you.
  3. Existing Councillors who have served only one term are eligible to stand again for election, but will need to be nominated following the process described below.
  4. Only ONE nominator is required for each nominee.
  5. Formdesk nomination procedure:
    • (a) If an election is due in your country and you wish to nominate someone as a candidate, please log into the nomination process on Formdesk www.formdesk.com/eahil/Council_Nominations2016.    When you have logged in you will see a list of the EAHIL members in your country who are eligible to be nominated to represent your country on the EAHIL Council.
    • (b) You may nominate up to three names on this list.  You may also consult Paper C for more information about these members (note that Paper C additionally includes the names of members who are already Board or Council members and are therefore not eligible to be nominated now).
    • (c) If you wish to nominate someone, you are strongly advised to discuss this with them before submitting the nomination.  You may then return to Formdesk to mark their name on the list of possible candidates and submit your nomination to the EAHIL Secretariat.
    • (d) The Secretariat will ask all nominated candidates to confirm that they are willing to stand for election.
  6. The deadline for nominations is Monday 7 November 2016.
  7. Candidates will be asked to supply a short election statement of up to 100 words not later than 16 November.  These statements will be posted on the EAHIL website.
  8. Voting in the Council election will take place from Monday 21 November to Monday 5 December 2016.  The results will be validated by the EAHIL Election Audit Committee and announced as soon as possible thereafter.