JEAHIL – Use of mobile devices in medical libraries


Letter from the Editor in Chief Napolitani F, p 2

Monographic section


Mobile devices change the way medicine is taught, learned and practiced. That’s a great challenge for libraries Obst O, p 4

Feature articles

Enhancement or replacement? Understanding how legitimised use of mobile learning resources is shaping how healthcare students are learning Fuller R Joynes V, p 7 

Mobile technologies and medical education at Heidelberg University Library  Gehrlein S, p 11

Design, development and implementation of a mobile learning strategy for undergraduate medical education Toro-Troconis M, Morton C, Bennie T, Leppington C, Hemani A, Lupton M, p 14

The Branch Library of Medicine Münster created a tablet toolbox for embedding mobile digital learning resources into the curriculum Obst O, p 21-22

Re-inventing the e-book: how tablets increased e-book take-up at Bern University Bissels G, p 23

From pilot to practice: iPads at the University of Helsinki Faculty of Medicine Masalin T, p 27

What are the attitudes of F1 doctors in Prince Philip Hospital towards their use of the iDoc app? Bruch S, Paget T, p 32

Abandoning native apps to become future friendly, Jergefelt M, p 36

News from EAHIL

Letter from the President Dozier M, p 42

The new EAHIL website is launched! Kågedal A, p 44

Report from the European Veterinary Libraries Group (EVLG) Eklund M, p 45

US Medical Library Association report for EAHIL Lefebvre C, p 46

National Library of Medicine report for EAHIL Babski D, p 49

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Collected during March to April 2015 Thirion B, p 51

Publications and New products

Sampaolo L, p 57

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