Marketing and impact of libraries

Letter from the Editor in Chief – F. Napolitani 2

Monographic section
Marketing and impact of medical libraries Edited by M. Wake 4

Marketing and impact: it’s a challenge, but we can show we make a difference M. Wake 5

Feature Articles
Revealing your value through meaningful messages M. Dunne 6

A logic model approach: understanding the impact of local Macmillan cancer information and support services in the UK R. Carlyle 11

“E-Day” in Bern: promoting e-resources through an all-day event M.F. Schaffer, G. Bissels and F. Eberle 15

The impact of the clinical librarian: a review T. Roper 19

Impactful librarians: identifying opportunities to increase your impact S. Kirtley 23

Using library impact data to inform student marketing campaigns G. Stone, A. Sharman and K. McGuinn 29

News from EAHIL
Letter from the President  M. Dozier 36

News from EAHIL Special Interest Groups 
Report from the European Veterinary Libraries Group (EVLG) M. Eklund 38

News from NLM
National Library of Medicine report for EAHIL D. Babski 39

Take a look!
Collected during September to October 2015 B. Thirion 41

Emerging challenges
O. Obst 45

Publications and new products
L. Sampaolo 47

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