Memories from the Edinburgh Workshop

Letter from the Editor in Chief  F. Napolitani 2 

2015 Workshop Report

An overview of the role of librarians in systematic reviews: from expert search to project manager M.J. Foster 3

Reducing systematic review workload using text mining: opportunities and pitfalls  C. Stansfield, A. O´Mara-Eves, J. Thomas 8

Sharing literature search blocks: status and ideas for a cooperative solution G. de Jonge, R Küfner Lein 11

A match made in EAHIL+ICAHIS+ICLC 2015 – experiences of a research-minded initiative at the Workshop in Edinburgh T. Akbayturk, M. Della Seta, T. Ovaska, E. Reierth 15

Fitting research into your day job. Open space session at the EAHIL 2015 Workshop in Edinburgh L. Haglund 18

Delphi technique: the methods behind the Horizon Report R. Mumenthaler, G. van den Brekel 20

Running a journal club M. Dozier, S. Webber 22

Research data management: why is it important? C. Ekmekciolu, A. Donnely 25

An introduction to phenomenographic research S. Webber, B. Johnston 27

Observation research techniques C. Urquhart 29

Supporting biomedical research and evaluation: bibliometrics for information specialists A.F. Gómez 32

Altmetrics: how librarians can support researchers in improving their impact V. Scotti 35

Report from ICAHIS
T. Boyd, F. Brown, E. Carrigan, M. Eklund, R. Iivonen 37

Report from ICLC
P. Divall, L.A. Hull, S. Sutton 39

Memories from Edinburgh
Memories from the workshop 42

News from EAHIL
Letter from the President M. Dozier 56
Call for EAHIL project grant applications M. Colombi 58

Reports from EAHIL special interest groups
Report from EVLG M. Eklund, R. Iivonen 60
Report from MeSH M. Della Seta 61
Report from PHIG S.J. Thomas, T. Allen, K. Larmo 64

Obituary of Guillemette Utard-Wlerick 65

News from NLM
D. Babski 67

Take a look!
B. Thirion 70

Emerging challenges
O. Obst 73

Publications and new products
L. Sampaolo 75

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