Every year an EAHIL event is organized, alternating between Conference (even years) and Workshop (odd years). The difference between the two events has been the size, in that the number of participants, parallel sessions and presentations has been smaller for a Workshop. The Workshops has thus been a possibility for those not experienced in organizing an international event to do so on a smaller scale. In recent years (2013 in Stockholm and 2015 in Edinburgh) Workshops have been organized more in a manner of “unconferences”, with (mainly) interactive sessions where participants have been asked to prepare in advance, and contribute actively during workshop sessions led by a facilitator, and often applying a select discussion method/technique. In Dublin (2017) it was a combined conference and workshop to facilitate EAHIL and ICML. The workshop format followed the interactive sessions that took place in previous years. It is the belief of the EAHIL Board that a more interactive Workshop attracts a somewhat different target group than the Conferences, making it the wish of the Board that an EAHIL Workshop is distinguished from the more traditional layout of a Conference by adding interactive sessions/elements to the program, either in part or for the whole event.

EAHIL-EBSCO scholarships for 2019

The EAHIL Executive Board is pleased to announce the availability of EAHIL-EBSCO Scholarships to be awarded to worthy individuals to attend the EAHIL Workshop in Basel, Switzerland, on 17-20 June 2019. The scholarships, which are partly spo...

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EAHIL-AHILA scholarship for 2019

The Executive Board of EAHIL, in collaboration with The Association for Health Information and Libraries in Africa (AHILA), is pleased to offer an EAHIL-AHILA Scholarship to assist a member of AHILA to attend the EAHIL Workshop in Basel, S...

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What’s involved in being a Council member?

As we are in the nominations period for the Council election and we’d like to encourage more nominees, we thought we’d try and de-mystify the role to encourage new people to dive into the role! There is quite a bit of flexibility in the...

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