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Health and illness know no frontiers. The sciences that investigate them are the least affected by cultural variations. The systems for delivering health care in different countries of Europe have more common features than differences, despite political and economic influences.

European medical librarians and information specialists have a great deal in common, regardless of the institution they work for or the country they live in. This realization led to the formation of EAHIL to improve library services to the health professions by cooperation and shared experience across national boundaries.


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EAHIL Scholarships 2024

The EAHIL Executive Board is pleased to announce the availability of EAHIL Scholarships available for EAHIL members to attend the EA...

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EAHIL 2024 Local Organising Committee venue update

EAHIL 2024 Local Organising Committee are delighted to announce that the venue for this year’s conf...

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EAHIL 2024 – 19th Conference: Call for Abstracts now Open!

We invite EAHIL Community and interested persons to submit a 500-word abstract for oral and poster pr...

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