Evidence-Based Information Group

The main aim of the Evidence-Based Information Group (EBI) is to bring together and connect all EAHIL members who are interested and want to improve the quality of systematic reviews and other evidence-based products. Extended version of aims

Proposed activities are:

  • To support knowledge exchange by providing technical support (mailing list, …) and opportunities (webinars, …) to discuss problems, share information, experiences and best practices (e.g. discussing tactics on how to stimulate researchers to include a reference librarian in their team writing systematic reviews for writing the literature search methods section of the paper or abstract)
  • To provide and support continuing professional development for health librarians and researchers on topics related to systematic reviews and other evidence-based products (e.g. by providing tutorials/online material, sharing materials like PRISMA, …)
  • To appeal to the publishers/editors of medical journals to consider the quality of SRs and include better guidelines about methodological and reporting issues and advocate for inclusion of biomedical reference librarians as editors in the peer-review processes (e.g. importance of reference librarians as part of the research team, importance of peer-reviewing of search strategies, importance of compliance to related standards, …)
  • To develop strategies to improve the visibility of systematic reviews and other evidence-based products
  • To connect with other interest groups or projects and support the dissemination or development of international standards (e.g. use of registries of search strategies like PROSPERO, use of standard and checklists like PRESS or PRISMA, collaborate with the SR SIG of MLA; the Knowledge Synthesis Interest Group of the Canadian Health Libraries Association, …)

There are 7 projects currently underway. Please see the project list for further details. Any member of the SIG can be involved so please do consider volunteering for a project!

Please visit the SIG GoogleDrive folder to access SIG meeting minutes and project information.

Please contact us:

Co-chair: Jane Falconer
Co-chair: Thomas Vandendriessche
Co-secretary: Krizia Tuand
Co-secretary: Shona Kirtley

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