• EAHIL brings together people working in a professional capacity in health and medical libraries and information services.
  • Commercial companies, whose interests coincide with those of the Association, are supporting EAHIL activities as Affiliated Members.

Individual membership

  • Individual membership for information professionals is free of charge. Register to join here
  • Individual EAHIL members in Council of Europe member states can apply for scholarships to attend EAHIL conferences or workshop
  • Number of members per 2022 are 1006 (+ 114) European members and 118 (+27) non-European members.

Membership for commercial companies and representatives

  • As of 2023, the fee for commercial companies, such as publishers, to join as affiliate members is €800 per annum. Please contact us to join
  • As an affiliate member, you are allowed a maximum of two e-mails per year*
  • Affiliated membership is combined with an advertisement fee in JEAHIL. Advertising in JEAHIL for at least €1000, within an issue or on the journal website will give free affiliated membership for one year.
  • Commercial company representatives can join EAHIL’s email distribution lists but may not use the lists for advertising.
  • Commercial representatives receive early information about EAHIL conferences and workshops.
  • As affiliate members, commercial representatives may participate in committees and attend general assemblies but do not have voting privileges.

* E-mailing members: Only those members who actively agree to receive product information by email will be included in these lists. E-mail addresses of individual members are not shared: affiliate members are given access to a moderated email distribution list.

Membership for information professionals living outside the member states of the Council of Europe

  • There is no membership fee for information professionals living and working outside the member states of the Council of Europe.
  • Your membership application will not be accepted without evidence that you are a librarian or information professional – for example, evidence of valid membership of a national or regional professional association (e.g. AHILA, MLA, CMLA etc.) or a letter of reference – and verifiable details of your institutional affiliation.

Institutional membership

  • EAHIL does not provide institutional membership for organizations or libraries.

Further information about membership