For Council Members

EAHIL membership database is an application called MyClub and it is a Swedish web application created for small sports clubs. The database offers the possibility to add “team administrators”, in our case Council members. As administrator you will get access to the membership registrations from your country. You will be able to send e-mails to members from the database, to export a list to excel, and to file storage.

Individual members can access their membership record via My Pages.

All Council Members has been designated as administrator for the country one represent.  As administrator you should have received an invitation from MyClub. Instructions for Council administrators and for My Pages.

Please direct new members to the membership application form

Do not add them  manually to the database. This is to make sure they are added to the relevant SIG lists etc. Please contact the EAHIL Inbox (EAHIL-SECR@LISTS.EAHIL.EU) if you have questions.


MyClub Instructions for Council Members