Pharmaceutical Information Group

EAHIL-Pharma brings together information professionals from across Europe and beyond with an interest in drug information. Members work in a variety of organisations, including pharmaceutical industry, higher education, health services and drug information units.

Membership of EAHIL-Pharma is FREE to all members of EAHIL.


The Pharmaceutical Information Group (EAHIL-Pharma) was created at the Fourth Conference of the European Association for Health Information and Libraries (EAHIL), held in Oslo, June 28 — July 2, 1994 by 30 information specialists of pharmaceutical organisations from 12 European countries. As a section of EAHIL, it got official approval from the Executive Board on 20th January 1995.


The objectives of the Group are:

  • To ensure high quality standards of information for all those with a need for drug information. Intensive exchange of information evaluation between members is needed;
  • To promote and develop access to and spreading of pharmaceutical information with all respect of copyright and other intellectual property rights;
  • To promote contacts between pharmaceutical information specialists in Europe, with a view to encouraging the exchange of ideas and experience with all respect of copyright and other intellectual property rights;
  • To defend the interests of people dealing with drug information in Europe;
  • To establish contacts between international and national sister organisations.

Please contact us:

Francesca Gualtieri, Chair

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