Support for Ukraine

By Lotta Haglund | Published: 2022-03-03

Following the Russian Federation’s armed attack on Ukraine the Council of Europe has decided to suspend the Russian Federation’s right of representation in the Council of Europe. Since EAHIL is an association under the auspices of the Council of Europe the Executive Board has decided to suspend the rights of the EAHIL members from the Russian Federation from nominating candidates for the upcoming Board election and from being a candidate for the Board. Should the conflict in Ukraine continue, and the suspension from the Council of Europe remain, the members from the Russian Federation will also be suspended from voting at the EAHIL General Assembly on 3 June 2022. This decision should not be considered a personal affront to our individual Russian members, but is a consequence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The EAHIL Executive Board wishes to extend our solidarity and support for our professional colleagues in Ukraine during the current military action by the Russian Federation. We are very concerned at the threat posed by this action to the safety of the Ukrainian people, as well as to the security of our professional colleagues. On behalf of the Association the EAHIL Executive Board wishes to offer whatever support and solidarity we can to our professional colleagues in Ukraine.

On behalf of the EAHIL Executive Board