Board election results

By Petra Wallgren Björk | Published: 2018-07-21

2018 is an election year in the EAHIL calendar, for terms of office starting in 2019. The election process for the Executive Board happened from March – May, and then Council elections will happen later this year starting in August.

At the General Assembly on 12 July, the results of the Presidential and Executive Board elections for the term beginning 2019 were announced.

For position of President 2019-2020, Maurella della Seta, as the single candidate, was elected with 279 votes (27 abstentions)

For the Executive Board 2019-2022, there were 306 votes in total, including 5 abstentions. The results of the votes were:

  1. Tiina Heino (Finland) 71
  2. Lotta Haglund (Sweden) 69
  3. Francesca Gualtieri (Italy) 54
  4. Eirik Reierth (Norway) 44
  5. Susana Henriques (Portugal) 36
  6. Octavia-Luciana Madge (Romania) 27

The positions available from January 2019 are one (1) Executive Board member and two (2) co-opted non-executive members. Tiina Heino is elected to the Executive Board for the term 2019-2022 and Lotta Haglund and Francesca Gualtieri are co-opted to the Board for the term 2019-2020.

From 2019, the Executive Board will be made up of:

Maurella Della Seta
Marshall Dozier
Karen Johanne Buset
Ghislaine Declève
Tiina Heino
Witold Kozakiewicz
Tuulevi Ovaska
Francesca Gualtieri
Lotta Haglund
Suzanne Bakker
Federica Napolitani
President (2019-2020 2nd term)
Past President (2019-2020 2nd term)
Executive Board member (2017-2020 1st term)
Executive Board member (2017-2020 2nd term)
Executive Board member (2019-2022 1st term)
Executive Board member (2017-2020 1st term)
Executive Board member (2017-2020 2nd term)
Co-opted Board member (2019-2020)
Co-opted Board member (2019-2020)
ex officio Netherlands association liaison and support
ex officio Chief Editor, Journal of EAHIL


The Nominations Committee of Ann de Meulemeester and Ivana Truccolo worked hard to encourage candidates, and it is notable that there was such a healthy number of candidates for the Executive Board.

The Elections Audit Committee of Katri Larmo, Linda Lisgarten and Angels Carles tested the voting system and inspected the results. They confirmed the validity of the results listed above.

Many thanks to all the candidates for being willing to give their time and expertise to EAHIL. Many thanks also to the Nominations and Election Audit committee members for their valuable work in the election.

Please look out for the call for nominations to Council, and consider standing for election!