EAHIL 2018 blog posts round-up

By Petra Wallgren Björk | Published: 2018-07-23

The conference week in Cardiff had amazing weather and was chock-full of all kinds of interesting keynotes, oral and poster presentations, CECs, interactive workshop sessions, cultural highlights, important opportunities to talk with representatives of publishers and vendors… not to mention the inspiring performances of Re-Live and Singing for the Brain!

Thanks to blog posts kindly shared by delegates, we can catch up on parallel sessions or workshops we missed and get new insights.

As we find more blog posts, we will update the list here – and of course if you don’t see yours here, please tell me 🙂

EAHIL 2018 – Take away messages by Jane Falconer (English)

EAHIL 2018 – til Wales på jakt etter faglige innspill og gode opplevelser by Fredrik Solvang Pettersen (Norsk)

EAHIL 2018 – sett med en nykommers øyn by Elisabeth Ebner (Norsk)

Forging connections: EAHIL 2018 by LibrarianErrant (English)

Höjdpunkter från EAHIL by Karin Lundin (Svenska)

Konferencja EAHIL 2018 w Cardiff  by Paulina Milewska (Polski)

Supplementary Searching @ EAHIL 2018 by Morwenna Rogers, Alison Bethel and Amanda Wanner (English)

Report about the interactive workshop at EAHIL2018 by Karen Buset, Ghislaine Declève and Tuulevi Ovaska (English)

Report about the interactive workshop at EAHIL2018