EAHIL 2024: Knowledge and Inspiration in Riga’s Cultural Heart

By Mala Mann | Published: 2024-03-22

Join us from June 11th to 14th in Riga for the 19th EAHIL Conference!
This year’s EAHIL Conference will take place at the iconic landmark of the capital – National Library of Latvia. Its stunning architecture embodies Latvian cultural heritage with a modern twist – striking glass facade and unique design.
Experience the vibrant atmosphere of the EAHIL Conference by engaging with your peers from across Europe and other countries around the world. Explore innovations, gain valuable insights and skills in systematic reviews, information retrieval, evidence-based research, AI tools, research data management, open access, research support and much more by attending workshops, continuing educational courses, oral presentation sessions, keynote lectures, poster and sponsor exhibitions.
On your spare time enjoy Old Town Riga with its medieval streets, picturesque squares, and iconic landmarks, mesmerizing Art Nouveau district with its intricate facades and elegant designs or visit one of almost 50 museums thematically ranging from historical events of days gone by to modern art installations.
For more information about EAHIL Conference programme, registration, venue and accommodation visit our website – https://eahil2024.rsu.lv/
Looking forward to meeting you in Riga!
Kristīne Kuzņecova
Riga EAHIL Conference Organising Committee