ICML+EAHIL 2017 blog posts round-up

By Petra Wallgren Björk | Published: 2017-06-25

The week of the joint conference and workshop in Dublin was full of gems – but of course with parallel sessions it’s impossible to  participate in all the interesting sessions, and Friday with its goodbyes arrived more quickly than we wished…

Now, thanks to blog posts kindly shared by delegates, we can get back into the Dublin spirit,  ‘attend’ a few more presentations and workshops, and learn more things…

As I find more blog posts, we will update the list here – and of course if you don’t see yours here, please tell me 🙂

Synchronous online teaching – keeping virtual classroom students engaged by Eleanor Barker @barker_eleanor

PRESSing search strategies and AMSTARing by Eleanor Barker  @barker_eleanor

Global and Disaster Health Special Interest Group 1/2 by Isla Kuhn @ilk21

Global and Disaster Health Special Interest Group: Evidence Aid and me 2/2 by Isla Kuhn @ilk21

Librarians can help address reporting concerns in the biomedical literature, particularly for systematic reviews by Isla Kuhn @ilk21

“Librarians don’t know everything. They just know how to find everything” EAHIL 2017, Dublin by Alison Bethel @AlisonBethel and Morwenna Rogers @morwenna73

Mis impresiones de EAHIL 2017 by Maria Garcia-Puente @bibliovirtual

Report on EAHIL 2017 by @librarianerrant

ICML AND EAHIL 2017 (scroll down to see multiple posts) by Tom Roper @tomroper

ICML+EAHIL2017 – inspiraatiota ja verkostoitumista | inspiration and networking by Tuulevi Ovaska @tuuleviueflib & Kirsi Salmi

The UOC Library at the service of students by Àgueda Mercadal @aguemercadal