Council member Witold Kozakiewicz

By Petra Wallgren Björk | Published: 2015-08-22

Witold Kozakiewicz.

Hi Witold Kozakiewicz, Council member for Poland,

Why should one get involved as a council member for EAHIL?
Being a council member for EAHIL is a great adventure. It is a chance to be involved in European librarianship. As a council member I have a better opportunity to bring local problems and ideas to the European forum.

What are the benefits of engaging in EAHIL?
EAHIL is the organization of librarians from all over the Europe. This gives a chance for meeting people who deals with similar problems. It is great to have an opportunity to exchange ideas, and share experiences.
The best part of engaging in EAHIL is a possibility to participate in annual workshops and conferences and spending time with group of fantastic people.

What do you do in your work?
As a deputy for IT, I am the main person responsible for implementation of new technologies in the library. I’m also responsible for organization of a space and buildings in library – our library needs modernisation and it is all on my shoulders. Digital libraries and repositories are also part of my job, as well as bibliometrics.

What do you like to do in your free time?
My free time I like to spend with my family. We like to travel visiting different countries. I also like hiking. My hobby is scale modelling.