JEAHIL Vol 15 No 3 (2019) online

By Petra Wallgren Björk | Published: 2019-09-13

The September issue of the Journal of EAHIL is now available.

Theme: EAHIL 2019 workshop


  • Letter from the Editor in Chief by Federica Napolitani
  • Meaningful and strategic alignment: A roadmap for library success by M. J. Tooey 
  • Health libraries: sharing through gaming by Alicia Fátima Gómez-Sánchez, Gaétan Kerdelhue, Rebeca Isabel-Gómez, Mar González-Cantalejo, Pablo Iriarte, Floriane S Muller
  • How do we teach clinicians where the resources for best evidence are? by Sandra Kendall, Michelle Ryu, Chris Walsh
  • Searchaton: a gamified, team-based on-site teaching format for literature searching for medical students by Michael Wilde, Monika Wechsler, Hannah Ewald
  • Metric competencies for biomedical librarians: results of a survey developed by the EAHIL Evaluation and Metrics group by Alicia Fátima Gómez-Sánchez, Valeria Scotti, Annalisa De Silvestri, Guise Ardita, T Derek Halling, Artemis Chaleplioglou
  • Post-workshop sentiments from the Basel LOC desk by Christoph Wehrmüller
  • Memories from the EAHIL 2019 workshop by Sarah Hagström, Katri Larmo, Mala Mann, Ana Maria Ferrinho, Robin Ottjes
  • Memories from EAHIL EBSCO Scholarship recipients by Pernille Skou Gaardsted, Magdalena Kokosińska, Krizia Tuand, Henrik Laursen, Kübra Zayim Gedik, Martina Žužak
  • Memories from EAHIL AHILA Scholarship recipient by Emma M Ndalameta-Theo
  • Invitation to the 17 th EAHIL Conference in Łódź, Poland, 22-26 June 2020 by the EAHIL2020 IPC & LOC
  • Letter from the President by Maurella Della Seta 
  • Report from the Special Interest Group on MeSH by Maurella Della Seta, Scilla Pizzarelli
  • Report from Public Health Information Group’s Meeting by Tomas Allen, Ana-Belen Escriva, Mala Mann, Katri Larmo
  • Evaluation and Metrics SIG Report by T. Derek Halling
  • Taiwan Medical Library Association (TMLA) becomes sister organization of EAHIL by Tzu-heng Chiu
  • Publications and new products by Letizia Sampaolo