Journal of EAHIL issue 2/2020 is online

By Petra Wallgren Björk | Published: 2020-06-22

Contents of the latest issue

  • Editorial: Flexibility in library spaces by Federica Napolitani
  • Preface: User-oriented and creative libraries: the opportunities of spaces by Michelle F. Schaffer
  • Feature Articles:
    • The innovative collaboration work in the Helsinki University Library: the case of Terkko Health Hub by Kirsi Mäenpää
    • Surrounded by science: The Researchers’ Gallery at Malmö University Library by Annsofie Olsson, Lotti Dorthé
    • Moving the Lausanne medical library to a new location: shaping spaces, tailoring services by Cécile Jaques, Isabelle de Kaenel, Alexia Trombert
    • The library as a physical learning environment at the Karolinska Institutet University Library by Carina Ahlberg
    • Long-term value of an in-depth survey regarding study environments by Marie Fredriksson
    • Transformed library spaces lead to transformed library services: a case study of the RCSI library by Kate Kelly, Kathryn Smith
    • Transforming the medical library into a welcoming learning space: a collaborative project by Michelle Schaffer
  • In addition:
    • Letter from the President by Maurella Della Seta
    • JEAHIL online usage by Rebecca Wojturska
    • Report from the Pharma Special Interest Group Pharma Information during COVID-19 by Francesca Gualtieri
    • US Medical Library Association report for EAHIL by Carol Lefebvre
    • Publications and new products by Letizia Sampaolo
    • Letter to ICMJE by Sandy Iverson, Maurella Della Seta, Ann Ritchie, Lisa Traditi