Meet the scholarship winners!

By Petra Wallgren Björk | Published: 2019-07-11

Watch a new EAHIL video about the EAHIL-EBSCO scholarships.

What are the EAHIL-EBSCO scholarships? Who got them this year? How did they find out they could apply? What do the scholarship winners think about EAHIL 2019 workshop?

EAHIL Past president Marshall Dozier & five of the six scholarship winners – Kubra Zayim Gedik, Krizia Tuand, Henrik Laursen, Magdalena Kokosińska and Martina Žužak – were interviewed by Tuulevi Ovaska (board member, communications coordinator) in Basel during the EAHIL 2019 workshop.

Behind the camera: Ghislaine Declève (board member, treasurer)


EAHIL-EBSCO scholarship winners 2019