New issue of JEAHIL is out

By Petra Wallgren Björk | Published: 2022-07-05

Heading for the beach or still at work? Well, anyhow you got a brand new issue of JEAHIL to read.

The last few years have been a demanding period for all of us in many ways. But it has also been a time of sharing and openness in the scientific area. We have seen a major change concerning preprints and sharing research earlier. This makes an impact on the health librarians as well since we all are supporting the researchers and students. We have seen more willingness in sharing the “how’s” when it comes to education and teaching. But also, an openness in publishing from our point of view as providers of scientific information.
In this issue we have the theme “open education” in a broad sense. We have chosen a few papers describing different aspects of this openness.
  • In the first paper, Juuso Ala-Kyyny and Markku Roinila, from Helsinki University Library, discuss open access journals hosted by the Library, and how these are used as educational tools. The students can learn from creating and from peer-reviewing content.
  • In the next paper Rebecca Wojturska, from the University of Edinburgh, describes open-access publishing hosted by the Library, and how this student-led open access publishing can support student learning, and academic literacy.
  • Finally, Fiona Brown, Heather Moberly and Emma Place (from the University of Edinburgh, Texas A&M University and the University of Bristol) describe “EBVM Learning”, an open access online learning tool designed to support learning and teaching of evidence-based veterinary medicine.

They give some examples of how this open educational resource is currently used in teaching. These papers show some ways in which libraries, and librarians, can support openness in learning as well as in research.